Hi! I’m Maria Scopelliti – communications advisor, content marketer, idea-seeker, collaborator, runner, foodie, coffee lover and most recently – new mom!

My blog features ideas, comments and anecdotes on communication, with some posts about the brands, organizations and people that inspire me. I’ll also include the occasional musing on finding a balance between #momlife and #PRlife.

So how did I become a PR gal?

My adventures in comms truly began in 2008, on the first day of my job at the HQ of Gruppo Campari in Milan. Working in corporate communications and marketing at Gruppo Campari was what any amateur could hope for: fascinating content, incredible mentorship, tons of work and a few aperitivos along the way! I was contributing to cool projects by day, completing my MBA thesis by night, and indulging in Italian food, fashion and culture in between.

After two years of living a high speed version of La Dolce Vita in Italy I moved back to Canada and began working for my alma mater, the University of Ottawa, where I’m currently a communications advisor.

My passion for comms and the emerging trends in today’s media landscape led me to pursue an MA in Communication at uOttawa. My research focused on how digital media has changed the role of PR practitioners and journalists, and more generally, the way organizations engage with their audiences.

I believe that comms people are lucky. We get to help organizations tell their awesome stories to the world. Today’s media landscape is filled with HUGE opportunities and challenges in getting these messages across. That’s where the fun comes in!

Welcome to my blog – please feel free to connect!


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